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Our Cattle

Years of dealing with all different breeds of cows during our veterinary careers made our breed choice easy! We raise registered Herefords and sometimes blend them with Angus for farm-raised grass fed beef calves. We adore the easy-going personality and hardiness of the Hereford. We can walk out into the pasture and pet our Herefords! We are fortunate to have a good friend knowledgeable in the genetics of the breed and he helps us make decisions about herd additions and subtractions.
We currently have about 50 broodcows and are increasing our herd with the best heifers that our cows produce. We occasionally sell surplus heifer calves. We also keep the best bull calves intact to sell as bulls. Several times a year we usually have a crop of grass-fed steers to offer for sale. Customers interested in healthy,delicious beef that is raised with love and without hormones or antibiotics buy the steers. We arrange transport to the processing plant and the buyer decides how they want their meat cut and packaged. Contact us to get on the grass-fed beef waiting list!
You may notice Jerseys in some photos. We have sold our Jersey cow Bessie and are out of the milk and cheese business!
Call or text Bryant for more info: 931-808-5756.
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