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Our Horses!

We started breeding and raising Spotted Saddle Horses in 1997. We expanded into other breeds over the years. Currently along with the SSH's, we have Tennessee Walkers (many are double or triple registered), Friesians and Curly Horses. Although we have greatly scaled back a once-booming horse business, we breed a mare or two each year. Most of our mares are for sale, even though we don't actively advertise them. See a mare you like? Make us a reasonable offer! 

This is a long page with lots of horses for sale! Keep on scrolling!

Alen's Belfast Bandit

Belfast Bandit passed away suddenly and quickly the morning of May 26 (which also happens to be Wendy's birthday). He has left a hole in our hearts that no other horse will ever fill. I can't find it in me to edit his page it will remain here for a while....

Bandit is one of the best known and most-loved Spotted Saddle Horse stallions of all time! A son of Spotted Alen Again, Bandit was born in 1989 (that makes him 28 this year!) and is an 8 time World Grand Champion, and 20-time World Champion!! He is homozygous black, and homozygous agouti, but not homozygous tobiano. He will only throw bay, buckskin or perlino foals. He has an exceptionally calm, endearing demeanour. He stood 15'3 in his prime, and has some foals on the ground that near 17h! He is on the pacey side and crosses best with mares with 4-beat natural gaits. Although we don't breed him much these days, his foals are popular and sought after. He lives a life of luxury, with daily kisses, alfalfa and treats. 

Bandit4 (1)
Horses For Sale:
Currently we have no horses for sale

SOLD! *Amerakiss

Aurora's Lucky Star X American Blazer (Amy)

This lovely CURLY gaited filly was born July 2013. Her sire is the handsome Aurora's Lucky Star (smoky black/white homozygous tobiano curly gaited SSH) She could be smoky black (carry the cream gene) and has partial blue eyes. She is definitely homozygous tobiano and could be homozygous for curls also!! Eligible for ICHO and NSSHA registry. We will supply requested registration applications. Buyer is responsible for paying registration fees. When she was weaned, she was taught to lead, tie, back up, pick up feet and bathe. She has been in the pasture most of her life.

SOLD! *Candy Crush GGF

Lucky Gold Bandit X Aurora's Eye Candy

...and so here is another really nice combination of both of our favorite stallions! Her sire Lucky Gold Bandit (curly buckskin) is by Belfast Bandit and out of our curly mare Lucky At Last. Her dam is out of our curly mare Amy and her sire is The First Aurora! That makes her 50%TWH and 50% curly on both sides. She was born early September 2012 (grape harvest baby!) and is microcurled (and so probably homozygous for curls), and buckskin heterozygous tobiano. She gaits but she can also go into a nice extended trot. She is our friendliest 2012 fall foal and can be registered SSH and ICHO. We will supply requested registration applications. Buyer is responsible for paying registration fees.  She was halter broke at weaning, and was taught to pick up her feet, back, bathe, etc. She has been in the pasture since then. 


Star Sapphire, GGF

Born in July 2013, Sapphire is bold, inquisitive, quiet, and very personable and willing! Also trained to lead, tie, back up, pick up feet and bathe. She will always produce spotted, dilute foals! Her sire is The First Aurora. Her dam is our homozygous cremello mare Magnolia Grove Mia. Eligible for TWHBEA, NSSHA and SSHBEA. We will supply signed registration applications if requested. Buyer is responsible for registration fees.


*Zelda Luna, GGF

Aurora's Lucky Star X Tjimkje B (Friesian)

 Zelda Luna is one of the nicest all-around foals we've ever seen. Out of a studbook Friesian FHANA mare, by a black/white smoky black curly gaited stallion, she inherited curls and color and a SUPER sweet, intelligent personality. Her gait is extended and she has lovely suspension. She is curious and very personable, confident...and learns very quickly. She is going to be TALL! She leads, loads, and picks up feet. She is a super dressage prospect but there are so many other things she would be good at. We would LOVE to keep this filly and watch her grow, but sadly we don't have the time to devote to her that she deserves. She can be registered in several Curly and Sporthorse and Friesian cross registries. We will supply signed registration applications to any requested registries to the buyer, but buyer is responsible for registration fees. We call these Friesian-Curly crosses Curly-Fries and there are very, very few in existence. She may be hypoallergenic to some people that are allergic to 'regular' horses! This is your chance to own a truly unique, truly beautiful creature!  Zelda Luna is at Bits and Peaces right now, broke to ride and more!....and can be seen there. $9500

Zelda Luna March 2016. Don't miss the graceful move at the very end!

Zelda Luna July 2015 (2 months old)

           SOLD! *Zoey, GGF
Aurora's Lucky Star X Karrman

Another Curly-Fry! Zoey was born June of 2015. Her sire is our gaited curly SSH Aurora's Lucky Star and her dam is our FHANA Friesian mare Karrman! Zoey is (most likely) smoky black, curly, baroque and sweet! Shorter and stouter than her half sister Zelda Luna, but sweet and personable and so irresistable! Zoey can be registered with several Curly and Half-Friesian registries and we will sign papers that the buyer prepares (and supply sire and dam registration forms) for any appropriate registries. Zoey would make such a unique dressage prospect as well as a future broodmare for some really unique and talented offspring! Her sire is smoky black! Updated pictures and video coming as soon as the rain quits! We are only asking $5000 for this incredibly rare filly! These photos were taken when she was a year old. If you click on the video for Amerakiss near the top of this page, you can see Zoey moving with her in part of the video.

     *Aurora's Lucky Star
The First Aurora X Lucky At Last
    SOLD!!!! Congrats to Paige!!!


Born 4-24-2010, and now a gelding.... Lucky Star is simply breathtaking! His sire is our cremello homozygous tobiano Model Champion TWH The First Aurora. His dam is our well-bred Curly mare Rosemary. He is registered NSSHA (Nat'l Spotted Saddle Horse). He is also eligible for  ICHO, SSHBEA and the part-TWH registry. He is a smoky black homozygous tobiano and has sired some gorgeous, well mannered foals for us. (Including Zelda Luna, Zoey and Parker, all on this page). We gelded him when he was 4.

He started training under saddle and has had 6 months of training with Dickie Gardner as a 2 year old. He is currently with Bits and Peaces getting a tune-up, and can be seen there! This guy is big (probably 15'2 or more), curly, and has gorgeous conformation and a really nice rolling saddle gait! Contact us for price.

This is video of Lucky Star as a weanling!

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