FALL 2021 MENU! 

Please check the Golden Gaits Farm facebook page. We list birds for sale there first, and they usually sell quickly off that page. We are currently sifting through our Grow-Out pens and deciding what to keep as breeders for next spring. We will offer what we don't keep for sale, and list them on the facebook page as they become available. Possible breeds:



Bantam Cochin

BLR Wyandotte

Ayam Cemani


Heritage Turkey poults


As of 10/1/2021 we have the following:

Adult Bresse breeders 1 and 2 years old

Adult Turkey Breeders- 2 toms and 5 or 6 hens

Juvenile India Blue peacock males

Adult Bantam Cochin breeding group

Mismarked Bielfelder pullets close to laying age

Young and older roosters in many breeds and colors


PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE DO NOT KEEP A WAITING LIST OR HOLD CHICKS ON ANY BREED OR SPECIES. WE DO NOT TAKE ADVANCE PAYMENT. Check the Golden Gaits Farm facebook page for frequest updates on availablity of different breeds. 

                  2022 BREEDS (We plan to start hatching chicks early 2022)
Polish- Barred, Tolbunt, Crele, Candy Corn, other colors, frizzled and smooth
Silkie-various colors including splash
Bantam Cochin- various colors including calico and lemon blue
French Black Copper Marans- very dark egg laying line
Lavender Cuckoo Orpington
Lemon and Buff Cuckoo Orpington
Ayam Cemani
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte-blue, splash and dark blue
Easter Egger/Olive Egger/ Ameracauna
Penedesenca (rare dark egg laying breed)
Heritage Turkey-mixed colors
Peafowl-mixed colors
Guinea-mixed colors including pied, and lavender
Muscovy ducks-mixed colors

Sorry, we do not take a waiting list or pre-sell chicks. We do not ship live birds. We are NPIP and can ship hatching eggs on chickens when they are available. We do not ship turkey or peafowl eggs. 


We enjoy raising a variety of exotic chickens, Heritage turkeys, ducks, and Peafowl. We rarely have adults in any of these breeds for sale, but we hatch eggs and sell chicks/poults in season. Our facebook page is the best source to see what we have available. Older chicks are priced differently according to age, breed and sex. Occasionally we offer hatching eggs for sale, when our incubators are full! All chicks are sold straight run unless otherwise specified.









This gentle, broody, soft and sweet bantam breed is popular! We have a mixed color flock this year that contains black, white, buff, buff partridge, blue, blue partridge, red, and black/white cuckoo. Some of these are barred/cuckoo. Silkies are very difficult to sex until they are several months old. $9 per young unsexed chick,  


The 'top hat' breed that makes everyone smile! Polish are excellent layers of medium sized white eggs.The adult males have spiky crests and the hens have rounded flower-like crests. Our Polish are in mixed color pens of smooth and frizzled. We have TOLBUNT!!! Also white crested black, white crested blue, buff laced, splash, blue, black, barred, crele, white, brown, and lemon blue. Newly hatched unsexed chicks are $12-$15 each 


A delightful bantam breed that is gentle, perky and broody.They have fantastic feathered legs, and round bodies. We have mixed colored pens that contain lemon blue (rare!), calico, blue, splash, buff, birchen, black, brown/black and white. This breed is easier to sex early on (by 4-6 weeks of age, usually). We have frizzled and smooth Bantam Cochins. $6-$10 each unsexed chick 

BRESSE (American)

Known as the World's Best Tasting Chicken, this breed has a gene that causes the meat to 'marble' similar to steak. We have found the meat to be delicate and intensely chicken flavored (not gamey). Google Bresse for more info! These are hardy, gentle birds, good layers of large white eggs. $7 each unsexed. Our Bresse chicks usually start hatching mid April.



A well-loved, big round breed in buff, lemon, and buff and lemon cuckoo colors. Great layers of large light brown eggs. Chicks are $6 each. 


Our 'egg laying pen' has mixed color Ameracauna, Marans, White Leghorn, Welsummer, Wyandotte, Cream Legbar Cross hens in with pure Ameracauna roosters. We get gorgeous eggs in shades of green, aqua, olive, pink and blue out of the chicks from this pen! $6 each unsexed chick. We can not guarantee what color eggs your chicks will lay (if they are hens).


Known as the 'German Uber Chicken', this breed is new to the US and is bound to become very popular. These birds are very large but gentle and hardy. Hens lay large medium brown/peachy eggs and the chicks can be sexed at birth based on their markings! Adults are a gorgeous red cuckoo/crele color. $20 each for female chicks, $5 for male chicks.


We have blue, splash and dark colors in this lovely breed. These are nice birds, and good layers of medium brown eggs. Chicks are $10 each, unsexed. 


These stunning all-black birds are relatively new to our country. They are melanistic, meaning they are black inside and out. They lay small cream colored eggs (despite the rumor their eggs are black!) and are hardy, gorgeous gamey birds! Not too long ago, you could buy 1 Ayam Cemani hacthing eggs on ebay for $165! Our chicks are $30 each. 

Heritage Turkeys

In our experience, Heritage turkeys are the same breed in different colors. We have not seen a difference in disposition, size, fertility, color/size of eggs or taste of meat in our birds. We get lots of questions about raising turkeys. Our two main tips are that turkeys need more protein than chickens, and they need to be dewormed with a good broad spectrum dewormer like fenbendazole ('Safeguard' or 'Panacur') every few months. This helps keep Blackhead from affecting them.

Turkeys have wonderful curious personalities! We love to mix up our turkey colors. We are proud that we have some colors that you just can't buy anywhere else! 

Our turkey poults are priced starting at $10 each. 

< ROYAL PALM- A stunning white bird with black lacing.We will have Royal Palm, Pencilled Palm, Blue Palm and Red Palm poults this year. They all come from the same breeding pen, and chicks are white at birth, so we can not differentiate the patterns/colors when poults are young!

BLUE SLATE > Various shades of blue and lavender. Our flock will produce blue slate, black, red slate and blue palm.


Peacocks are proof that there is a God and He wants us to be happy! There are few things as beautiful as a peacock in the sunshine! There is usually a free range peafowl or two on the farm. We have three pea-pens this year that include India Blue, Purple, Black Shoulder IB, Bronze, Cameo, Spalding Black Shoulder, Silver Pied and Oaten. Peas usually lay eggs May through July, so we expect our first peachicks to hatch late June every year. In 2021 we are holding on to our peachicks as potential future breeders. We will release the extras for sale when they are a few months old and sex and color is apparent. We will not have peafowl for sale until then. We do not take prepayments or a waiting list. 



Our ducks free range and mingle around our 6 acre pond. We have Muscovy in blue, black, brown, silver and pied . This year we will also have some mixed breed ducklings hatching. All of our ducklings are $9 each and are sold straight run starting at 1 day of age. We usually have ducklings hatching from March through July or later.