NOTE: Although we love each and hate to part with any, we are pricing some of our mares for sale in an effort to 'thin out the herd'. All prices are FIRM! Mares that are bred come with a live foal guarantee- new owner is responsible for breeding costs (including AI and semen shipping charges) if the mare needs to be re-bred. All mares will be checked for pregnancy before leaving the farm, and will be up to date on vaccines, dewormings and Coggins test . Heights are approximate and mares will be measured on request. Feel free to email or call us with questions on individual mares! This is a super opportunity to own a gorgeous, well bred and colorful mare-bred to a nice stallion!

   Most of our TWH mares are listed on this page for sale and can be bought with a stud fee to any of our stallions for $300 extra.

Notice our mare page shrinking? We have seriously down-sized our horse herd. As we get older and our boys get older, and the farm expands with chickens and cows, we have less and less time to devote to the horses. We have only a few broodmares and some colts left to sell


Gracie (Wendy's Lady Grace)


I have been negligent in keeping Gracie off this page for the past few years. Although she is not technically ours, she is our most special horse! Owned by our good friends Ralph and Teresa Webb in North Carolina, this wonderful Spotted Saddle Horse lady was delivered by C-section by Bryant shortly after I discovered I was pregnant with Bart. Her mother (a Standard Bred) was dying from jaw cancer when we delivered her and we had to struggle to keep Grace alive her first few days. Gaited Horse magazine published a story about her that Ralph wrote, then I wrote a story that was published in Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul Part 2. (I hope to link that story here soon). She blossomed into a healthy, gorgeous, good-riding mare. Ralph has generously loaned her to us as a pleasure mount and to breed to have a Gracie foal of our own. Sadly she had a stillborn foal September 2011- a gorgeous black and white curly colt by Bandit's Lucky Gold. She was bred back to Lucky for a fall 2012 foal and she gave us "Glory" the first week of September (see pix below!). Grace is the Diva of the farm and she knows it. Always up for a ride around the hills of the farm, and gentle with the boys, she is a wonderful family horse for us and she is a constant happy reminder to me that despite the darkness of cancer, life goes on. She is truly special and we are blessed to have her under our care for now.

Now that Glory has been weaned, Grace has gone home to the Webbs in foal Bandit, and her legacy will continue!

Note: The picture above is of Grace at our vet hospital in NC when she was a day old. The cat in the background is "Favorite", who hangs out here in the wooden barn now. He still oversees the horses and seems to especially like Gracie!

....and here she is! Grace's Faith and Glory born 9/8/12. A lovely and unusually marked white filly with a bay head, one spot in her left flank and a cute black tail tip! Not curly, but she has gorgeous conformation and a nice little gait, with the much-expected Diva attitude! We are keeping this one to grow up with Bart and Alex! thank you Ralph and Teresa Webb for making this dream come true!




Midnight Princess and Tjimkje B.


As our breeding interests drift toward Curlies and Friesians, we have been fortunate to acquire this stunning mother and daughter team of Friesian mares. Tjimkje B. is a studbook mare born in 1998 and imported from the Netherlands as a young mare. Her sire is Lute and her dam sire is Tjimme. She is about 16'2 and very quiet and easy going. Her daughter Midnight Princess follows in her footsteps. Princess's sire is Wander and she was born in 2004. She stands about 16'1. Princess is a FPS studbook mare, and her colt (CoalBee owned by Cindy McFarlane) by Feitse was a keuring Grand Champion colt several years ago! The mares drive as a team and we are anxious to hook them up together some day! We bred Tjimkje to Tietse 428 shortly after she arrived on our farm and she produced an exquisite filly July 25, 2010 (Haute has been sold). Tjimkje foaled a very leggy, large jet black colt September 2012.  This will be one of the very last FPS registered Tietse foals ever, and he is for sale! Princess foaled a tall, nice moving buckskin tobiano filly by the First Aurora in June 2011, who is now owned by Foothill Friesians in Auburtown, TN.  Due to the bad horse economy, we have not bred either mare back for 2013.

We would consider selling either of these mares to the right home. Email me for more info.


Tjimkje and Haute (2nd premie filly) 8/7/2010                                           Princess at 2010 keuring


DCC Time For Siesta



 Siesta is an unusual blue roan frame/splash overo non-gaited curly filly born in 2003. She is registered ICHO. Her dam is a gaited curly and her sire is a blue roan overo Paint. Siesta is large, pretty and has an unusual gregarious personality. She moves like a dream and should give us some super curly foals one day! Siesta's first foal, born 3-25-09, is by our past curly gaited buckskin tobiano stallion *Perseus . Siesta and Percy both passed on their color- this colt is a buckskin roan frame/splash overo! Whew! The colt has been sold, but Siesta can be purchased.  Her price has been reduced to $2500 . She is currently open.




CBR American Blazer

Isn’t she something? Purchased from Blankenship Curlies in Tennessee, “Amy” is one of the prettiest curly fillies we’ve ever seen.
She is a homozygous bay tobiano with long thick curls and an absolutely sweet personality. She was born in 2001 and
 she is  tall, solid and moves gracefully. She is our second curly horse and not surprisingly, she gets a lot of attention from
visitors to our farm! She was bred to the awesome Friesian stallion "Romeo de Roza" and on April 18 of 2006 she had a wonderful bay tobiano CURLY filly! (See our For Sale page). Amy was bred back to Romeo on foal heat and had another gorgeous, nice moving bay tobiano (non curly) filly late March 2007.  She foaled  a gorgeous buckskin tobiano gaited straight-haired colt by the First Aurora 6/6/2010.  She is also the dam of our lovely curly spotted buckskin filly Aurora's Eye Candy (also by the First Aurora).
Amy's 2013 foal by Aurora's Lucky Star (smoky black homozygous tobiano curly stallion) is a gorgeous black and white curly gaited filly! See our For Sale page. The pair can be bought now for $10,000 firm.

Lucky At Last

Meet "Rosemary"- One of our favorite horses ever. She is a black tobiano gaited curly horse-registered ICHO, SSHBEA and NSSHA. She is out of our departed curly mare Star's Sage and her sire is Lucky Touch- a black tobiano curly SSH/MFT. Rosemary is 'all that'. She has awesome conformation, a sweet and solid disposition, tight microcurls, partly blue eyes, and a gorgeous way of going. She was born 5/2004. We suspect she is homozygous for curls.  Rosemary consistently produces nicely gaited, curly, colorful foals with super personalities (see "Lucky Gold Bandit", "Aurora's Lucky Star" and "Golden Gaits Beau" on our For Sale page). She foaled a lovely smoky black tobiano curly gaited colt 5/2012 and had a surprise black and white curly filly July 2013 by her own son Aurora's Lucky Star! (Must have been an over-the-fence breeding!) See our For Sale page for pictures! Rosemary can be bought for $12,000.



Georgia Town
Show The Town X Gold Chance's Misty

Dam of the First Aurora!

Our search for a palomino/white TWH mare led us to Georgia where we found this beauty.
Georgia is the dam of our first foal off of Generator’s Aurora. We were hoping for a homozygous cremello colt and Georgia
and Rory filled the order in grand form! See photos of “The First Aurora” on our Stallion Page.
Georgia followed this act in 2003 with another awesome colt: Funky Gold Medina is an amber cream champagne spotted colt out of Pushin the Champagne. Georgia was bred to Belfast Bandit for 2004, and foaled a gorgeous, but sadly stillborn, buckskin colt in April. That same night she agreed to 'adopt' Dot's orphan colt raised him as her own! In 2005 she foaled a lovely bay tobiano filly by Bandit, who sadly broke her leg at one week of age.  She is one of our favorite mares and is registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA and NSSHA. She stands about 14'3 and is green broke to ride. She is friendly, pleasant to be around and an easy breeder. She foaled a pretty solid buckskin Bandit filly in 2007. In 2008 she gave us a lovely perlino spotted Bandit filly (see Savannah on our For Sale page). She foaled a nice perlino solid filly by Bandit June 2011 (Marietta).

Georgia can be bought open for $6500.

Revelator's Jacque Sue
Rainbow's Revelator X Came The Dawn

We don’t keep many of our foals, but we had to make an exception! Revelator’s Jacque Sue (named after our mothers)
was born here in May 2000 out of our sorrel TWH mare and palomino tobiano TWH Rainbow’s Revelator (Lonesome Dove
Stables in Dunlap, TN). She is everything we could have hoped for: color, conformation, size, gait, pretty eye and cute personality.
We are happy to announce that Jacque Sue won the TWH and the SSH Weanling/Yearling Championship classes at the Firecracker Jubilee in 2001! She won 5th place in the Yearling Sweepstakes class at the 2001 SSHBEA Championship Show, 5th place in Yearling Fillies, and 8th place in the (very large!)Yearling Championship Class. Special thanks to Sherry Stewart Darrigan of Lexus Farms in Spring Lake for making her look awesome at the shows!!
Jacque Sue's first foal was a really nice homozygous spotted palomino colt off of Rory (Aurora Borealis Gold). Her second foal was another spotted palomino colt marked up just like Rory (Aurora At Dawn). #3 is a stunning bay tobiano colt by Bandit (Bandit's Revelation). #4 is another awesome colt- a buckskin tobiano by Bandit. Foal #5 is a sweet, solid buckskin filly-Bandit's Morning Glory, GGF. Her 2009 foal is a gorgeous palomino tobiano non-curly filly "Juno" owned by Cali Tatum, by *Perseus (curly SSH stallion). Her 2010 foal is a lovely cremello tobiano colt ("Nitro"- see our For Sale page), by The First Aurora.

Jacque Sue is registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA and NSSHA. She was born 5/10/2000. She is not broke to ride and stands 16h.

$4000 OPEN

 Born in 2003, Karrman is a dream come true for me. I have always loved and admired the black 'Gentle Giants'. She is a 2nd Premie foal, large and stout (they call it 'baroque') and extremely quiet, friendly and smart. Her sire is Pilgrim and her dam is Namke Van W (Melle X Tjimme).  Karrman was presented at the 2009 keuring and is now in the stud book!  She currently stands just over 15.1 (This makes her too short for ster status). Karrman is a joy to work with and a joy to ride. She has had two wonderful colts for us by Tietse 428. Axel was her first foal and he is wowing everyone in the show ring liberty classes. He will be presented at the Fall 2011 keuring. Last year's colt Geert was born 3-19-10. He was named Reserve Champion colt at the 2010 TN keuring!  Karrman foaled her third Tietse baby April 2011- a filly this time! See "Kaatje" on our For Sale page! Karrman foaled another exquisite Friesian Tietse filly (Merida) June 2012. This will be one of the very last FPS registered Tietse foals!


Sensational Stardust
Sensation's Show Time X Generator Stardust

Our palomino sabino 5/01 TWH mare was purchased as a weanling from Sallie Foley of Cedar Creek Farm (now in Idaho).
She is out of the same dam as our stallion Generator’s Aurora and she has the same presence and pizazz as he! Her sire is
Sensation’s Showtime and her dam is a direct Pride’s Generator daughter. She has the most elegant head and neck of any
TWH we’ve seen. She can really shake her tail when she walks, and her personality is impeccable also!
Sissy was the 2002 NC State Fair Yearling Filly TWH Champion!
She had her first foal by Bandit 4/1/2005-a perfect, super-moving tobiano perlino filly. Her second filly was a refined solid bay cutie. Her third foal was a charming buckskin sabino colt also by Bandit. Her 2008 foal was a flashy buckskin tobiano colt ("Dusty Bandit"). Dusty is the 2010 NSSHA World Grand Champion in Amateur Trail Pleasure! This year she gave us a very flashy bay tobiano/sabino colt ("Total Sensation, GGF"). Her foals are walky, with stunning necks and all over pretty conformation. Sissy is not yet broke to ride, is registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA, and stands about 15'2.

Sissy is for sale! $3500 OPEN


Colt above left is "Total Sensation" who has been sold

Generator's High Esteem

Pride's Generator X Under Cover Angel

Every hard-core TWH breeder wants a direct daughter of Pride’s Generator.  Ginger is a gorgeous, elegant
sorrel mare with a flax mane and tail. She has some training under her belt, as well as some great foals on the ground . Her dam was a horse named Undercover Angel, with Midnight Sun blood. Ginger was bred to The Stonecutter (a son of the Pusher) and had his first 2004 foal on 2/12. She is very pretty black filly with a nice walk. Ginger was bred back to Bandit for 2005 and produced an awesome bay colt. On 6/26/06 she produced a nice solid buckskin Bandit colt. On 3-30-08 she gave us a buckskin tobiano filly by Bandit. Her 2009 foal was a breath-taking palomino tobiano named "Solar Flare". She is registered TWHBEA, stands about 15'1 and is gorgeous! She is broke to ride, has had professional training,  (but has not been ridden in years) and was born 10/15/89. A severe foot abcess several years ago renders her mildly lame occasionally and so she would not make a primary trail horse. She's an excellent broodmare and part-time riding horse!

Ginger foaled a wonderful palomino tobiano colt 1/16/13 by The First Aurora!!! He has been sold, but she is priced at $900




Aurora's Eye Candy, GGF

candy4-08a candy4-08d

The First Aurora, GGF X CBR American Blaze ("Amy")

Bred, born and raised on our farm, this pretty filly is so special to us! She is a buckskin, homozygous tobiano curly filly born 4/2008. She is sweet, personable, has lovely conformation and is getting very tall. She is the kind of horse we aim to produce. We are keeping her as a future broodmare and riding horse. Candy is registered ICHO (Curly) and could be for sale. Her first foal is an exquisite buckskin tobiano curly filly sired by Lucky Gold Bandit. See our For Sale page for more info!




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